A weekly series of audio studies from
John Garippa featuring lessons in faith and character development.


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Join us live on Sundays at 8:15 am or Mondays at 8:00 am. To view live or past lessons click button below.

Recent Studies

Each week, we post a new study in our ongoing series. The most recent studies are listed below, and you can view all past studies by clicking the button below.


Our Study Series

Our studies are organized into series that revolve around a particular book of the Bible or set of teachings, which you can see below. Click the View All Studies button to view all the lessons that make up that series.


The Gospel of John

Theologically, the Gospel of John is the deepest of all the gospels. We spend a significant amount of time in this book since it is the very foundation of our Christian theology.


Special Editions

At times we utilize single session studies to cover special topics which are often prompted by questions, apologetics, and current events.

The Book of Acts

Here we follow the early church, impacted by the Holy Spirit, as they spread the gospel of Jesus throughout the world.


The Sermon on the Mount

We spend several weeks studying , what is arguably, the greatest sermon given in the history of the world.

The Lord's Prayer

Jesus gives us a template as to how to pray to God. This changes in an enormous way how the world thought about approaching God.